Immo Platja d'Aro


Dream of the property you want. Trust us with your dream. Enjoy it the way you deserve.

Dreams must be pursued. They can become reality when you grab someone by their hands who deserves your trust and can reassure you.

Then, only the most important thing is missing: Enjoy your dream, Platja d'Aro and the Costa Brava.

At IMMO PLATJA D'ARO we want to help you. Our real estate advisors will be in charge of finding what you need. They have the experience, the professionalism and the capacity to do so.

We are IMMO PLATJA D'ARO, the real estate agent at Platja d'Aro and we are committed to your needs.

Our commitment:

-To provide a professional environment of trust that is pleasant, close and comfortable.
-To listen carefully and advise you on everything you need in accordance with your instructions.

-To be transparent, serious and honest with everything we do.
-To give you all the guarantees for the good completion of any process related to the purchase and sale of properties.
-To help you with the maximum reliability and clarification in all legal and fiscal matters of any real estate operation.
-To be sure that all the real estate operations in which you participate will be carried out with all the guarantees, whether you are a buyer or a seller.
-To provide an attentive and efficient after-sales service in aspects such as contracting supplies, reforms, contracting services, technical managements ...

We want to be your point of reference, support and confidence in the real estate sector.